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Michel Monteaux is assistant director for cinema in France, prior to settling as a photographer in Los Angeles in the eighties.

After eight years, wishing to « live something else », he moves to New Mexico, in the High Desert in Santa Fe. During 6 years he lives close to Native Americans, embracing their culture. He gets involved in the fight against their precarious situation and leads  alongside simple citizens and also personalities such as Robert Redford – a fight against the gigantic Wipsite project of landfill of nuclear waste in southern New Mexico. In the mid-1990s, he returned to France and works for the press and for large industrial groups

In 2008, with the arrival of « all digital », he sees in the « everything is possible » a loss of sense of the work of the photographer. Although he continues to collaborate with the press and corporate, in order to keep this share of chance and mystery, that in 2013 he starts to draw also. Reassured by the more than positive feedback from his artist friends, in 2017 he not only  shows photographs but also drawings and inks at the Galerie Frédéric Moisan in Paris.

« Michel Monteaux tirelessly seeks to share what he feels about the upheavals of the geopolitical world, of a society launched in a frantic race when our environment tells us to do the opposite, to slow down and think about the world we want to build … It is obvious that his work is not only guided by aesthetic research. It is imbued with what he feels, his relationship with others, the environment, the world around him …  » Pierre Evrard

« … A man of restless questioning about his place among the others, and the place of others in him. This long quest, Michel Monteaux will never let go. It is his motor and his soul.  »
Fabrice Gaignault in introduction to the GANDHI EXPRESS exhibition.

Main Exhibitions
Instituts hongrois de Paris, Budapest, Rome : Hommage au Bahaus
Galerie Frédéric Moisan : Collective show at the gallery – Art Paris Fair

Galerie Marie Robin: Polaroids et Bonsais
Salon International de la Photo de Riedisheim: Gandhi Express

Galerie Frederic Moisan, Paris : Dessins , encres, photographie
Abbaye Royale de Saint Riquier, Centre Culturel de Rencontre: La Route du Lin

2015   ─  Abbaye Royale de Saint Riquier, Centre Culturel de Rencontre: Au bord du Monde
2014  ─  Abbaye Royale de Saint Riquier, Centre Culturel de Rencontre: Vertiges
2012  ─  Shanghai International Art Photography Festival : Shanghai, In mutation
2011  ─  Mois de l’Image à Dieppe, France :Portraits de Famille Imposée
2010  ─  Mois du Graphisme à Échirolles, France :USA Blues
2009  ─  Promenades Photographiques de Vendôme, France : Gandhi Express
2005  ─  Rencontres Internationales de Lurs, France : 110 Images
2004  ─  Maison de l’Amérique Latine, Paris, France : RTE
2003  ─  Centre Beaubourg, Paris, France : Les 50 ans du livre de Poche
1991  ─  Governor’s Gallery, Santa Fe, USA : The Mini Show
1988  ─  College of Santa Fe Fine Arts Gallery, USA :  Selection 88

Agadir, ville impassible  ─  Editions Azigzao, Maroc- Hassan Wabhi
Vertiges  ─  Terre Bleue Éditions, France
Gandhi Express  ─  Buchet-Chastel, France – Fabrice Gaignault
Southwestern Indian Jewelry  ─  Abbeville Press, USA – Dexter Cerrillo
The Spirit of Palestine  ─  The Noble Heritage Foundation, UK – Essays
The Art of Ojime  ─  Abrams, USA – Robert Kinsey
The Spirit of Folk Art  ─  Abrams, USA – Henry Glassy
Behind the Mask in Mexico  ─  Abrams, USA – Janet Brody Esser

Marie-Claire, Elle, Libération, Lire, La Vie, W Magazine, VanityFair, Le Monde, Géo, Spiegel…

International stories
Kosovo, Nicaragua, Mexico, Israël, Palestine, Libanon, Nothern ireland, United States, Zambia, India, Liberia, Tunisia, Bulgaria, China, Albania…

Alstom Transport, Alstom Power, Arcelor-Mittal, Lafarge, RTE, St Gobain, Hachette, Total…
Lens Art Photography 2015  ─  Special mention
Hasselblad Masters 2010  ─  Finalist, catégory : EDITORIAL

Art portfolio : Matters Matter by Michel Monteaux
LAS galerie
Vers un nouveau paradigme, Michel Monteaux, dessinateur
Les photos de Michel Monteaux donnent le goût du vertige
Exposition Michel Monteaux – Gandhi Express