« Burnt bodies leave no traces »

There is no other element I recall but this sentence; neither the time, the place or even the shape of the document I read.

Burnt bodies:   Cremation – fire – stake – explosion…

Traces :   “If one were to live forever, everything would become monotonous. It is the idea of ​​death that keeps awake. It is the obsession and desire of man to leave an indelible trace of his ephemeral passage on this earth, that gives birth to art. » Brassaï

This project will not be the place to make a list the horrors, using fire to erase histories, mankind inflicted to its own kind, as well as to other species and environments so far. It is implicit.

The mystery this sentence holds is anchored very deeply in my cells. The call of nature, the call for survival, the insurrection against injustice and cruelty, all forms of abuses, the sweet burning of love, excitement and happiness, just like many of us, I have felt and experienced.

This time, now, the impulse is one an archeologist must feel when he trusts his intuition rather than scientific facts. Something has to be uncovered, discovered, exposed, given attention.

Interior voices, cell memories, dreams; the Huichol Indians from Mexico told me thirty five years ago, there is a sort of magnetic field around the earth in which they search for answers and knowledge. There lies all the history of the world in connection with the universe.

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